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Soi 6 Girls

Soi 6 Girls

Soi 6 Girls, a Pattaya institution. Soi 6 is located between Beach Road and Second Road in Pattaya, Thailand. It is a Soi of around 70 beer bars, a couple of gogo “style” bars plus a few shops and cafes. It is probably the second most visited bar zone in Pattaya, after Walking Street. Historically it was mainly an afternoon Soi with people drinking from 1 pm until sunset then moving on to more traditional night time venues such as Walking Street and Sois 7 and 8. By around 2010 it had lost much of its appeal and most of its custom. To sum it up the bars were old, lacked any investment and Soi 6 went slowly downhill.

Then in around 2013 a new breed of bar owner arrived taking advantage of the fact that the current owners were keen to sell at decent prices. They began a crusade to “save Soi6” and they have certainly achieved that aim. By 2016 the Soi was buzzing again despite the fact it was barely recognisable from its old days.

Update October 2017 –

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