Chat with girls in Pattaya

Chat to girls in Pattaya

The easiest way to chat with girls in Pattaya is to use one of the online dating websites that have free or limited free contact. Just click the image below to join Thai Friendly and you can be chatting to hundreds of girls in minutes. Thai friendly is the largest

Soi 6 Girls Gallery

Soi 6 girls gallery

A selection of images og girls from Soi 6 over the last few years. The gallery is updated every now and again but is basically an archive so don’t expect to find the girls these days in the same bars.

Pattaya Pattaya Song

Pattaya Pattaya Song

The Pattaya Pattaya Song first came to prominence in around 2005 although it may well have been around far longer. In those days you simply could not get away from as it was played repeatedly in every bar and gogo bar in the city. Even now, ten years later, you